SNES 1CHIP-03 + OSSC + Sony 4K OLED TV Fun

(as in not fun)

(Posted: 2022-07-16 16:30:40 -0400 EDT)

I got a new Sony Bravia OLED TV since my last one mysteriously got a hole in it. Everything still worked great for my OSSC setup, EXCEPT the SNES, which is plugged into it almost 24/7. After some digging I learned there’s “dejiter” kit for the SNES that fixes the issue.

Now, to be clear, I recognize this isn’t a problem with the SNES. The SNES/OSSC worked perfect with no modification on my old TV. It’s actually a problem with the OSSC and how it handles the SNES signal to the TV. So I do think it’s a little odd that they couldnt fix this software side when it’s clearly between the OSSC/TV, but ANYWAYS.

I ended up getting this kit from VideoGamePerfection and soldered all the pins/wires that overrided the oscillator. It was also a little jank since I already had another 3rd party chip already in my SNES to restore CSYNC, since my model was a SNS-CPU-1CHIP-03.

So I turned on the SNES to the OSSC and… same result. Which is odd since it clearly WAS working, the console wouldnt just not work without the oscillator we took out of it. But then I found someone else that had a similar result as me and it took just a few tweaks to my SNES OSSC profile to get it working. Pasting them below for my own sanity/safekeeping:

Video LPF 16Mhz

advanced 256×240 timing
v synclean=3
v backporch=14

analog sync LPF=off
analog sync Vth=146mv
hsync tolerance=8.00
vsync threshold=11.84
H-PLL pre cost=2 lines
H-PLL post cost=2 lines

240p/288p proc=Line 5x
Line 5x mode=256×240 optim
Line 5x format=1920×1080
256×240 aspect=8:7
tx mode = HDMI

reverse lfp=3

full tx setup=off
av3 interlacefix=off

The H-PLL pre/post cost is what really got it working, and then with scanlines on it looks pretty much perfect.