Ocarina of Time Randomizer Map Generator

(Posted: 2022-07-16 16:30:40 -0400 EDT)

OOT Randomizer title screen

I got inspired by how this guy did his OOT map but I had ideas for features and bugs I could fix, mainly relating to parsing a spoiler log at the time. I went to his github and his code was all there, but he was missing the actual map files compiled together using Leaflet. These weren’t maps he made himself, and he was just piggybacking off these great maps from VGMaps.com.

After contacting the author and not getting a response quickly, I decided that I should just make my own version from scratch, I have a thing for scripting map events since it’s how I got my foot in the door in webdev all those years ago.

My version lets you generate and plot maps and paths. parses a spoilers.json, and lets you (I hope accurately) plot routes from A->B to/from every location in the game.

You can find the code/source files here.

Absolute Madness

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