Toree 3D (is a very quick birdy platformer)

(Posted: Sunday, April 9, 2023)

This game is all about low poly platforming, and that’s literally it, well sort of. It’s very short, clocking in an under an hour, but it’s also $2 or under, so what do I expect.

tldr Ratings:

First Time Playing Yup
Play Time 40mins
Difficulty N/A
100% Completion No
Fun 7 / 10
Cute dudes 10 / 10
Jank 4 / 10
A cute bird guy with fun shades

It’s a really simple game, you can jump and double jump across 9 levels. The game is HEAVILY based around the PS1/N64 low poly aesthetic, more towards early PS1 games. It reminded me most of Croc or Spyro most of the time. For what in reality is an game, it’s way better than it has any right to be and definitely can hold it’s own.

Oh we bussin'

I think what kept me wanting more was just wanting to know more about this world. There’s this chaotic/dark undertone to some of the levels that make me want to explore the levels/world for more than the 2-3mins it takes to beat one. Let me show you what I mean.

A little too happy Who is that guy

While I like the obvious programmer humor and chaoticness of it all, they don’t actually do anything with it? Granted I didn’t go for 100% completion and go for S times on all levels, so maybe I missed some more context. But the fact that a $1 game made me think about it more than an hour after I stopped playing it says a lot /shrug. It was a fun ride and a fun way to kill an afternoon.