Prodeus (is incredible, shame about the ending)

(Posted: Saturday, July 1, 2023)

This is the best modern boomer shooter hands down. It’s incredibly satisfying from the low-fi design, sound design, level design, really everything you could want in a “heres all the pieces, now get to the ending” kind of game like this.

tldr Ratings:

First Time Playing Yes
Play Time 17hrs
Difficulty Hard/Expert
100% Completion No (didnt get all ore pieces)
Fun 8 / 10
Satisfying Combat 9 / 10
Jank 2 / 10
One of the best levels in the game


If I had any comparison, I’d say this game is most like Quake 2 in design, both from the verticality/environment puzzles and its weapon design. You get the weapon staples like shotguns, better-than-normal shotguns, plasma rifles, railguns, etc and every enemy has a weapon or strategy to take it out quickly. Once you understand this flow and how to fast-switch weapons on the fly, it gets INCREDIBLY satisfying with the feedback you get thrown back to you.

Level Design

I actually don’t have much to add other than this video I made:

The game just OOZES care taken into each level, and there isn’t a level I could point out that I didn’t like, which is something I can’t say for classic Doom. The levels ARE linear, but also don’t FEEL linear because of that maze/metroid level design that keeps you coming right back to where you need to go without realizing you’re backtracking, most of the time.



That’s all I really have to say about this game, posting screenshots really doesn’t do justice how well the game feels and how satisfying it is to play each level. I’m speechless about how great it is compared to most other Doomer shooters are out right now.

The ending was my biggest gripe. The last level (spoilers) is just a survival room with a lot of enemies, and a message after in text equivalent to “Poochie died on the way back to his home planet”. WHAT A RIP!

Still, super fun game. Everyone who likes Quake/Doom should defo play it!

Honestly I never followed the kickstarter for this game, kind of wish I did because after playing this I REALLY want to support the developers with their next project. Does anyone know if the game box was a big box btw?