Doom WAD: Impossible: A New Reality

(Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2023)

A fun one map WAD with the idea of impossible places. Very MC Escher inspired. Essentially a LOT of trickery with silent teleporters to loop you around impossible spaces and create infinite hallways. Combat-wise I thought it was very balanced, except for the last fight with the Cyberdemon in the maze/hall of mirrors, I think that was too much. Espeically considering he could just appear in front of you without any warning at all.

There was another instance where the complete opposite happens, a key is sitting in an empty room but as you approach it, 2 Cyberdemons appear, but as you get closer they vanish since you hit the linedef with the silent teleporter to another “version” of the room (which also makes this map probably impossible to 100% kills, unless there’s an invuln in there).

Oh the Spider Mastermind! Not totally wasted but seemed a bit weird placement wise, since it takes a couple seconds for the Hell Knights/Barons to spawn in too, and you’re sort of forced to take a couple of hits before they can meat shield you.

There was another room which had a switch/order puzzle where the solution was in a previous room, very escape-room esque and I think ahead of its time, considering this was made in 2006.

I think the map encourages in-fighting a lot too, or at least I found it to be FAR easier combat-wise if you went that way (I’m getting better at Revenant missle dodging I swear!).

Really fun map overall, and a lot of fun ideas/mini puzzles!