How do you deal with clients that don’t communicate? Recently I’ve had a couple clients that flat out didn’t respond to any of my emails. They would ask questions about WordPress, how they could do certain functions, etc. and I would tell them the solution in the best way that I could, and I get no response. No, it wasn’t due to the email not going through or anything, they flat out just didn’t get back to me on whether they had success or not.

So suddenly, it’s my fault that I didn’t *poke* them respond back to me when I was just doing my job with tech support, and they just didn’t get back to me because they didn’t understand. Of course they complained to my supervisor and told him “my site doesn’t work” or “why doesn’t this work yet” when I gave them easy fixes and instructions for the issues they wanted to solve. They just didn’t read or follow them.

Do all clients act this way? Or am I in some sort of twilight zone where people don’t respond to eachother when they need help?

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I just had to comment!

    I built a Joomla! site for a client and had it completed, except for five or six pages of content that the client was supposed to supply. I asked for the content in person, by email and by phone, and asked… and asked… once or twice a week… every week… for six months… I finally decided that I was tired of asking and that I was paid to do the work and not brow beat them into supplying the content they knew they were to supply; so i quit asking.

    Two months go by and one day I see the client and they said, “We need to get that site up, what’s taking so long!” I told them that I was still waiting on the content they were supposed to supply. They said they’d work on it so I waited a week and logged in and they finally had it completed. I checked it for grammar and spelling, and published the articles and completed the menus and launched the site.

    I was dumbfounded by this lackadaisical attitude. The work was entirely paid for, as was the hosting, and they either would not reply to my requests, or take action on my requests and they wasted 8 months of hosting time. Needless to say, I will reject any future offers from this client. I’m just thankful they paid me up front for the project.