The 7th Guest got released on DotEmu today with modern hardware support. T7G was one of the first games I played as a kid (or at least the most memorable). It scared the shit out of me with it’s creepy atmosphere/ghosts. It still holds up today as a great puzzle/exploration game, even though some of the puzzles are downright impossible without a guide, I’m looking at you bishop puzzle! (Microscope puzzle also worth mentioning, though it’s not nearly as mind bending, just really difficult). They also have 11th hour (sequel to T7G) too, definitely not as memorable, but still worth checking out if you love The 7th Guest.

I’ve got a big box copy (with a “making of” VHS tape) of T7G and 11th hour already that works great with SCUMMVM, but if you haven’t tried exploring old man Stauf’s house yet, give this a try. I really want to see more FMV games from back in the day get rereleased. You can also get the game for iDevices.

The 7th Guest

The 7th Guest

Edit: It is now available on GOG.com!

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  1. Did you get them to work with DBGL? I have the LInux version and I have the disks NOT the .ISO of the programs…

    • What I want to do is so I don’t have to keep on changing disks all the time, especially for the 11th Hour…The program loads with the first disk in with no problem but I just don’t know how to mount the other cds so I don’t have to keep on changing the directory all the time in the mounting for drive D:

      • Why not rip the original ISOs and mount them all as seperate drives in DOSBox. That way they (should) all load when they need to without disk switching. I did that when playing Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon.