Using as3isolib and papervision3d, I’ve made a simple pathfinding app that finds the fastest path between two points. If you refresh, it creates a new map.

Although you can’t do much else with the code, its neat to see how to use AStar algorithms to create a path between two points, and then tween the sphere to follow the path between the obstacles.


This is a modified version of a tutorial fromĀ Papervision2.

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  1. thanks for your works!and and thanks for share!

  2. may i got the source code of this sample?

    • right click on the flash and go to view source

  3. When you right click the source is not there.

    • Refer to this post http://adamzwakk.com/?p=244 it’s the same code but with sprites.

      • Hello,
        how did you resolved the problem of depth sorting ?
        Like in the PV3D example ?
        isoScene.setChildIndex(isoSprite, isoScene.getChildIndex(playerHelper));

        I use some sprites in my as3IsoLib project and I try to resolved the problem of dept sorting but I didn’t fix with it.

        Thank you
        (sorry for my bad english, i’m french)

        • Ok sorry I just see , if I use an IsoBox instead of IsoSprite I’ve a good depth sorting… I will try to use that