I’ve started to look more into sub-genres of different music. Everything from Goa-Trance to Grime and some IDM. I thought I’d highlight a few genres and show my thoughts on them.

So first off, Ambient/Deep Dupstep (if there is an actual term for it, let me know).Everything about this stuff makes me think of slow motion video, driving late at night, and killing your subwoofer. This genre is all about subtle sounds, and a pounding bass. It can get repetitive, but the effects/engineering put into this music makes you keep listening.

Here’s a sample from Kryptic Minds from their new album:

The drop on this song definitely nails it for me. It’s not hard hitting like you’d expect, but just adds a soft (yet pounding) bass line to the mix. The entire album has elements like this I’ve been listening to it constantly since I got my hands on it.

The other song I want to highlight that fits this genre is Deathnote by Mobthrow:

Alot more ambient stuff here, and there are Drum and Bass elements throughout (much like the rest of the album). The drums and sample work make this for me. The way he drops in the DnB elements and keyboard melody is amazing. It’s a bit harder than the Kryptic Minds album, but it’s definitely worth a listen.

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