Boxer is a special version of DOSBox with Mac specific features. It’s really easy to use, really easy to play games, and it gives non-DOS users a chance to play DOS games (hopefully) without any command line encounters.

You can drag folders, CD-ROM, even CD/DVD images, and Boxer will install them for you and write up the scripts to run the game/program in one click. It’s stupidly simple.

On top of that, it creates a library of all your imported games (my favorite feature) with customized box art. Just click on a game box (even from Finder), and you’re playing. It’s as simple as it gets. I should also note that Boxer comes with Commander Keen 4, Epic Pinball, and Ultima Underworld demos so you can play them immediately after installing.

My Current Boxer Library






As a former heavy DOS gamer, this is a must have for any Mac users who want to install and play DOS games without any hassle.


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  1. If I was a macfag, I’d be all over this. That’s seriously cool. And the fact that they include Ultima Underworld is impressive – it was so little-known in its time but was the first first-person game before Doom! I played the crap out of it growing up and it’s one of my favourites. And of course, you can’t go wrong with X-COM and Commander Keen.