I’ve said before that I love Alfred as a spotlight replacement, and to create your own shortcuts to do various tasks. But there are some awesome apps that I use (probably even more) everyday to get things done efficiently.

1.Little Snitch

Little Snitch is an AWESOME (stressing caps) network monitoring tool. You can block certain apps accessing the internet, or just monitor what’s using up your bandwidth at the moment. It comes with an awesome graph overlay that shows everything up to 15hrs ago. Really handy for apps you don’t want “calling home” and neat to see what uses your bandwidth at any given time. Highly recommended and totally worth the price tag in my opinion.

2. ImageOptim 

This does exactly what the name implies, it optimizes images to a smaller file size for use in web. Some of the results can be amazing (I’ve seen up to 80% smaller). Considering it’s free, I think every graphic/web designer should have this in their toolkit.


iTerm is a terminal replacement. It offers custom profiles, custom highlighting, and all the other stuff you expect from any custom terminal software. One awesome feature is the ability to create a terminal via a global hotkey (mine is set to Command-F12). Insanely useful for getting quick terminal access. Plus it’s free.


A really awesome and simple color picker that works with anything on your Mac. It can the selected color to your clipboard in a variety of formats including CSS, RBG, HEX, and probably a few others I can’t think of. It has a $5 price tag, but it’s definitely worth it for how much I use it. (I used to have to bring an image into PS and get the color that way)

5. Bartender

With all these cool new apps, your Mac menu bar is probably getting a little cluttered. Bartender can hide (or remove) those menu bar apps cleanly and efficiently. I’ve used it to get rid of spotlight and notifications from my menu bar entirely and it works great. It’s free right now in the beta, if it’s around $5 when it comes out, it’s still definitely worth it.

Should I know about any other AWESOME apps? Let me know below and I’ll add them in the list :)

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